Pets are unique, do you want to be a unique distribuitor?

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If you want to differentiate yourself and have your own brand or collection, you are in the right place.

We are Spanish manufacturers of mattresses and collars for pets

Bet on customization

We adapt to your needs and desires, both in fabrics, colors and prints, as well as in fillings and sizes.

In addition and also with our digital printing, any type of drawing, decoration, photograph or logo can be reproduced, not requiring a large number of units to be manufactured.

Continuous manufacturing

The models and prints in the catalog are continuously manufactured and, unless stock breaks, they are ready to serve.

The fibers used in the mats and mattresses are highly recoverable and fire retardant and have all the corresponding ISO certifications, as well as the fabrics, which are certified by the AITEX institute.

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Choose your collection

In the same way that we choose our pet, to which we give our heart.


Square and round beds, mattresses, mats, igloos, transport bags, waterproof range, etc.


Necklaces, chains and straps

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We encourage you to contact us and find out what we are capable of

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